Each kindergartner at Our Lady of Angels School has the chance to build a trap to catch a leprechaun!  Both Adelay and Scarlet built their trap but I don't think they were able to catch a leprechaun!  They offered a nice cozy apartment and plenty of gold and rainbows! No luck!  Well, Hayden is in Kindergarten and it was his turn!  So, we used Hayden's great idea, Adelay's craftiness and my cracking the whip to get it done!   Do you think we have a winner?
We will let you know if we catch a leprechaun!
Susan Antall
3/15/2012 06:13:56 pm

So Cute! I hope you catch one Hayden!

4/10/2012 01:08:11 pm

Keep on keepin on... You have BEAUTIFUL children...
Consider yourself Hugged!


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